quantumrock announces the listing of world’s first professional gemstone investment product on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

4. October 2023

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The company’s latest product Rough Gemstone I Secured Certificates opens up a compelling new asset class for professional investors

quantumrock is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in their journey as a leader in the world of gemstone investments. Their product, Rough Gemstone I Secured Certificates, has been officially listed on the prestigious Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

This achievement marks a pivotal moment in their commitment to providing exceptional investment opportunities to their valued clients. Listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is a testament to the quality of the company’s gemstone investment certificates, reinforcing their dedication to transparency and tradability for their investors.

Coloured gemstones have long been recognized as a captivating and unique asset class, appreciated for their inherent beauty and lasting value. When skillfully integrated into a professional investment framework, they offer a multitude of compelling advantages. quantumrock’s gemstone investment certificates are secured, asset-backed, short-termed, and present an enticing potential for attractive returns, making them an excellent addition to diversified portfolios.

We are excited about the listing of Rough Gemstone I Secured Certificates on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. This development reflects our unwavering commitment to offering the world’s first listed professional investment product in the world of coloured gemstones.

Luxembourg Stock Exchange

This milestone should certainly pique the interest of discerning professional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals seeking to explore new avenues for wealth preservation and growth.

For more information about Rough Gemstone I Secured Certificates, visit www.luxse.com.

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