Why did Quantumrock launch Rough Gemstone I?

3. November 2023

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Our mission with Rough Gemstone I is driven by a compelling blend of factors.

Ancient Asset Class

Gemstones have perpetually captivated humanity for centuries, thanks to their enduring allure, intrinsic worth, and inherent exclusivity.

Historically Compelling Returns

Certain gemstones, particularly those with limited availability, have additionally demonstrated sustained appreciation in value.

Store of Value

Particularly, high-quality gemstones, especially those that are rare and coveted, have historically proven to be a resilient store of value, effectively serving as a potential tool against the erosive forces of inflation and volatile currency markets.

Excellent Market Outlook

The gemstone market is poised to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years, making gemstones a compelling asset for diversified portfolios.

However, entering the gemstone market as an investor has been a formidable challenge.

Challenging Market Access

Access to rare and superior-quality gemstones has been restricted and acquiring rough stones is virtually impossible for outside investors.

Capital & Expertise Required

Also. the participation in the gemstone market necessitates substantial capital and a well-established network.

Quality-Related Risks

While gemstones present an appealing investment opportunity, they demand profound expertise in gemology and the market to mitigate quality-related risks and render them suitable for professional investors.

Lack of Investment Options

Until now, there has been a notable absence of investment products that successfully surmount the entry barriers and make gemstones an accessible and investable asset class.

Quantumrock is making this opportunity investable for the first time.

Dr. Stephan Hauska

Head of Sales
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