quantumrock Unveils Rough Gemstone II, Expanding its Innovative Gemstone Investment Product Range

20. December 2023

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quantumrock is excitedly preparing for the launch of Rough Gemstone II, the anticipated sequel to our highly acclaimed initial offering in professional gemstone investment, Rough Gemstone I. Embracing a similar investment philosophy, Rough Gemstone II continues our unique private-equity-style approach to the gemstone sector. Our goal is to harness the intrinsic value generation of transforming rough gemstones into coveted treasures. While Rough Gemstone I focused on the allure of exquisite green gemstones like Alexandrite and Emerald, Rough Gemstone II turns the spotlight to a dazzling array of blue gemstones: the serene Aquamarine and the vibrant Paraíba Tourmaline.

This new product is tailored to captivate investors with its selection of stunning blue gemstones, each known for their unique beauty and investment potential. The launch is set to make a significant impact with a target volume of 350 million USD, underpinned by a substantial seed funding of 250 million USD in rough Aquamarines and Paraíba Tourmalines stored in our vault in São Paulo, Brazil. Like the first iteration of the product, Rough Gemstone II targets a net return of 25 – 50% per annum for investors, over a span of 24 months.

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CEO and Founder of Quantumrock, Stefan Tittel, says: “We at quantumrock are enthusiastic about offering our investors the next edition of our unique gemstone investment product. Rough Gemstone II is not only a compelling investment product, it’s a journey into the world of rare and beautiful gemstones connecting our investors to some of our earth’s most stunning natural assets.”.

Exploring Aquamarine

Rough Gemstone II spotlights Aquamarine as its first asset, a gemstone that captivates with hues evoking the serene beauty of the ocean’s crystalline waters. This enchanting member of the beryl family is celebrated for its range of blue-green colours. The gemstone’s mesmerizing spectrum, from bluish-green to greenish-blue and deep blue, is a testament to the subtle influence of ferrous iron in its composition. These hues vary from the faintest light tones to richer, moderately dark shades. The most saturated colours fetch the highest values, yet a skillfully cut light aquamarine can stand as one of the most spectacular examples of gem faceting in the world.

Beyond its visual appeal, Aquamarine is steeped in folklore, revered as a talisman for sailors, fishermen, and travelers, believed to offer protection. Its enchanting beauty, combined with these mystical associations, makes it highly desirable in jewelry and among collectors. Brazil stands as the foremost source of this exquisite gem.

quantumrock’s strategic inclusion of Aquamarine in the Rough Gemstone II portfolio aligns with the gemstone’s growing popularity. Aquamarine is increasingly sought-after for its distinctive colour variations, robust durability, and growing demand within the global jewelry market.

Rough Aquamarine from Bahia, Brazil.
Image Source: Mindat.org
Polished Aquamarine.
Image Source: Gem Rock Auctions.

Unveiling Paraíba Tourmaline

Rough Gemstone II’s portfolio, curated by quantumrock, includes the mesmerizing Paraíba Tourmaline, a unique variety of elbaite tourmaline, as its second jewel. First unearthed in 1989 in the northeastern state of Paraíba, Brazil, this gemstone is renowned for its rare and striking blue to green hues. The presence of copper imparts a dazzling colour palette, setting the Paraíba Tourmaline apart and elevating it to a coveted position among collectors and connoisseurs of exquisite gemstones. The most treasured specimens feature neon blue colors with deep saturation and a balanced medium tone. Exceeding the rarity of diamonds by a staggering 10,000 times, Paraíba Tourmalines are among the rarest and most sought-after gemstones worldwide. While Nigeria and Mozambique are also sources of these gems, it is the Brazilian variety that commands significantly higher market prices due to their unmatched colour and scarcity.

quantumrock’s strategic inclusion of Paraíba Tourmaline in the Rough Gemstone II portfolio is a testament to the gem’s enduring value and appeal. Since their discovery, these gemstones have consistently appreciated in price, driven by their geological rarity and the labor-intensive mining process. The limited supply of Paraíba Tourmaline starkly contrasts with its soaring demand. This rarity, coupled with their unique coloration, sets the valuation for these gemstones apart from other tourmaline varieties and many gemstone types in general.

Rough Paraíba Tourmaline. Image Source: Shincoki
Polished Paraíba Tourmaline. Image Source: Steinwelt.de

Introducing Rough Gemstone II

quantumrock is poised to broaden the horizons of the alternative investment landscape with the upcoming launch of Rough Gemstone II even further. Underlining the demand for listed professional gemstone investment products, Rough Gemstone II spotlights the allure and untapped potential of Aquamarine and Paraíba Tourmaline, offering professional investors a unique avenue to capitalize on these valuable assets. As we gear up for the Q1 2024 launch of Rough Gemstone II, opportunities still remain to be part of Rough Gemstone I, though they are quickly diminishing. This is a pivotal moment for professional investors to engage with a distinctive and promising new market segment.

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Risk Notice

Please note, the intricacies of the gemstone market and other external influences introduce a level of uncertainty, making it crucial for investors to carefully analyse and assess these factors before making investment decisions. All the advantages of the presented opportunity are also offset by considerable risks, especially risk of loss. Please note, that past, backtested or predicted performance are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please also be aware that the value of a polished gemstone is influenced by several key factors, such as its rarity, colour, clarity, cut, carat weight, origin, and market demand. Consequently, the value multiple estimations shown in this article are based on expert experience, and the actual results may vary significantly.

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